The love that can arise on the Camino de Santiago


The Jacobean route always leaves a message or a pleasant experience for all pilgrims, rewarding the effort to fulfill the task of reaching the cathedral in different ways. One of the most incredible is finding love on the Camino de Santiago.

The stories of pilgrims who met during or after the journey along the Camino de Santiago are numerous, all sharing a splendid message to overcome and to be receptive to new things to come. Many thank the Way and its wisdom, others the Apostle or luck.

Is it easy to make relationships on the road to Santiago?

It is a place classified as magical or mystical due to the effect of renewal and reunion that it causes in those who dare to join their journey to Santiago de Compostela.

The feeling of humility and compassion towards others, new beginnings and stages to overcome, help to connect people and to coincide, even before the end of the journey. Giving to understand that the Camino de Santiago provides answers to the needs of its pilgrims.

If you still do not believe us, we bring you two stories of pilgrims who fell in love with the Camino de Santiago.

The love story of a girl from Pamplona

Among the nascent love stories of the Camino de Santiago, this may be one of the most complete. María is a pilgrim from Pamplona, ​​during her tour she met Jeong, a pilgrim of Korean nationality.

María was in the middle of a labor transition, she had to move out of Spain to continue fulfilling her professional and personal goals. El Camino with his wisdom and experience gave Maria the courage to make her decision, and as a reward she is now in Belgium growing as a person along with her new partner, Jeong.

A connection in Villafranca

This is one of the experiences where the Camino de Santiago was solely responsible for the history of María Luisa and José Luis, who did not know each other and began their journey to the Cathedral of Santiago from different starting points.

They coincided by actions of the Camino, a lost José Luis met María Luisa for the first time. They got to share the same group of trip, but each one to their own until they returned to their lonely paths, coinciding a couple of times.

María Luisa arrived at the Cruz de Ferrol, where she found a note from José Luis, inviting her to eat in an Andalusian cafeteria in Villafranca. At the time, both pilgrims returned to the same place in Villafranca to seal their commitment in holy union.

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