If you have set a goal of making the pilgrimage along the Jacobean route until you reach the Cathedral of Santiago, be new to the pilgrimage or if you only want to make a new route you need all the necessary information to do it with the greatest preparation.

The forums on the Camino de Santiago are a source of first-hand information. In it you will find information on the different routes that will take you to where the apostle rests, methods to prepare your backpack well, advice and suggestions on the Jacobean route in the different seasons, among others.

How do I know which is the forum about the Way that suits me?

You can lean on one or several of these portals according to your interests, most of them are web pages or annexes on sites dedicated to providing relevant information on the road and preparation that can be useful for you.

Among the portals that can be considered frequent activity with complete updated information on the Jacobean route, you can visit the following forums.

Forum Consumer

It is a place that contains a lot of information about the different routes of the Camino in detail. Complementing the information with places of interest for pilgrims who decide to join this experience.

It has route maps, a directory of hostels and if you are a hotelier or are in charge of a refuge for pilgrims, it allows you to attach publicity to the place.

Forum Gronze

It provides detailed information on the routes and routes of the Camino, it has a forum that acts as a pilgrim community. It is a great place to share experiences and complement the information about the route you will take, all with the only condition of registering in a forum to participate.

Forum TripAdvisor

This renowned travel portal has a forum in the different towns and monuments that make life on the Camino de Santiago, focusing on the French Way.

The information is always provided by experienced pilgrims who recommend the different places, making criticisms and observations of them to improve the experience of new pilgrims.

Pilgrims Forum

It is one of the forums with the greatest dedication to the journey, managing to form a community that allows you to answer questions and concerns prior to your pilgrimage. In the same way that Gronze, to be able to consult or to see answers from other pilgrims, you must register to enjoy these benefits.

The information provided by the Camino de Santiago forums, beyond the route information, offers tips to help you make your pilgrimage through the pilgrimages in the most comfortable and prepared way possible.

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