You may have heard about the reflection of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

on the Camino de Santiago, placing the Jacobean route as the cradle of Europe through the pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela.

The influence given by the Camino to the European continent can be seen along the pilgrimages, opening nascent gaps of the pilgrimage to create exploration to the different ends of the continent. Due to the culture coming from the Camino, the Council of Europe declared it a European Cultural Itinerary in 1987.

When does the influence of the pilgrimage in Europe begin?

Goethe emphasizes pilgrimages located in the 10th century, where the first routes from places beyond the Pyrenees are recorded in order to pay tribute to the Holy Apostle.

This group of pilgrims not only came from different corners, but also from different social levels of the time. This mixture of interests motivated by the pilgrimage made merchants like merchants and artisans settle for commercial purposes, mostly inspired by supporting the pilgrim.

Cultural exchange

As the influx of pilgrims was increasing, interest in the economic and cultural exchange between pilgrims and people who now lived in the different towns that converged on the Camino de Santiago route network grew.

The exchange of knowledge between pilgrims and local people were the basis for many of the traditions that continue on the Jacobean route to this day. Promoting the values ​​of the Camino.

The importance of the influx of pilgrims

To the extent that Camino de Santiago

It was located as one of the main routes that interconnected the European continent, it showed a vital interest in the kings of the time. Managing to offer privileges and protection to those who made the pilgrimage.

The support presented by the kings to the pilgrims who arrived at their lands were as much of enjoyment as of penance.

Among the privileges offered are what are known today, such as lodging services through hostels, places of welcome for pilgrims. All done in order to keep the pilgrim tradition alive, beyond financial compensation.

This is one of the oldest pilgrimages for which you have documentation, so the whole tradition that was born along the different roads of the Jacobean route, has a great influence on experiences along the way. Both are the result of the influx of pilgrims who have traveled the routes since ancient times.

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